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7 of the Highest-Rated Whole House Water Filter

People have the right to sanitation and clean water safety because we all need water to live. Water quality issues are being recognized slowly but steadily. Many people think that water filters installed throughout their house are among the most convenient gadgets to have because they can get pure water from every faucet in their homes. A whole home water filtering system is a kind of installation filtration system installed on the primary water supply between the mains and the house so that each water flow into the house is filtered. All sinks, showers, and water heaters that utilize water will be equipped with a filtered system.

The water that usually comes to us in taps might be mixed with chemicals like chlorine, lead, and bacteria. It might also have sediment. These impurities are responsible for certain negative consequences if we use or drink the water. Industrial water filters can filter the whole house’s water supply, will remove these impurities, and provide us with clean safe water that we can use in the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.

Top 7 Whole House Water Filters: Features and Benefits

1. Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000: The Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 is an advanced whole-house water filter that is equipped with a unique catalytic carbon technology and sub-micron filtration in addition to the commonly used activated carbon filter to remove a wide array of contaminants. It boasts a 10-year filter life or a capacity of 1 million gallons and is a cost-effective option. On top of this, the system comes with an additional UV filter to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

2. Home Master HMF2SMGCC: Home Master TMHC2SMGCC is an EPA-certified two-stage water filter for the whole house that uses multi-gradient sediment and catalytic carbon filters to remove sediment, chlorine, chloramines, and other chemicals. It has a filtration capacity of 95,000 gallons, providing a high-efficiency level and a longer lifespan. 

3. iSpring WGB32B: The iSpring WGB32B is a whole-house water filter system with three layers, which are sediment, carbon block, and granular activated carbon filters. It traps sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants. The 15-gallon-per-minute flow rate makes this model suitable for large households. 

4. Pelican PC600: The Pelican PC600 is a full-house filter that applies a four-stage filtration process whereby sediment, chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants are removed. It has a large filter capacity of 600,000 gallons, which guarantees the longevity of its functionality. 

5. Culligan WH-HD200-C: Culligan WH-HD200-C is the whole-house water filter using a carbon block to remove sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants. The unit has a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, ideal for small-to-medium household usage.

6. Express Water WH300SCKS: The Express Water WH300SCKS is a three-stage whole-house filter containing sediment, carbon, and carbon block filters to remove sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants. The filter capacity of 100,000 gallons is not just high, but it also guarantees the long-term operations of the device. 

7. APEC Water Systems WFS-1000: The WFS-1000 (APEC Water Systems) is a three-stage whole-house water filter with sediment, carbon block, and granular activated carbon filters that remove sediment, chlorine, and other impurities. It has a high flow rate of 15 gallons per minute of water capacity, which may be suitable for large houses. 


Maintaining and cleaning your whole-house water filter is essential to ensure its optimal performance. Here are some tips:

- Regularly check and replace filters: A recommended lifespan or filter capacity is indicated in most filters. Double-check the filter specs and replace them accordingly.

- Clean sediment filters: With sediment filters, the accumulated sediment can lead to restricting water flow. To wash them, remove the filter housing and run it through freshwater. If you are working with hardened sediment, use a soft brush to clean it up.

- Clean carbon filters: Carbon filters can gradually be laden with contaminants as time passes. Wash and soak them in water and bleach or vinegar when they need to be cleaned.

- Check for leaks: Inspect the filter housing and fittings now and again for any signs of leaks. Make sure all screws are tightened up, or if there are any broken parts, replace them.

- Follow manufacturer's instructions: You must also get into the detailed instructions released by the manufacturer for a particular maintenance and cleaning procedure for your whole house water filter.


Why Investing in a Whole-House Water Filter is Worth It

Spending money on a whole-house water purifier brings benefits on multiple levels. The first benefit is that any faucet in your home will have clean and safe water, which is an integral part of our daily lives and guarantees a healthier family, and, contaminated water will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, it diminishes operational costs through effective treatment process management, reduces corrosion issues, and facilitates the recovery of valuable materials by recycling treated water for reuse. Finally, this barrier prevents sediments and other impurities from harming the pipes and appliances that you use and will most likely extend their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

A top-brand whole-house water filter system is a good investment that will offer a clean and healthy water supply for many years. Water is vital to our lives, and it is paramount to our survival. Choose the filter that is compatible with your home and enjoy clean, safe water.

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